Name: Naomi

Sponsor: Renishaw

University: University of Cambridge

Degree Course: MEng Engineering

Why did you want a scholarship with Renishaw?

After doing my first year in university, I realised that I wanted to pursue electronics as a career, since I had enjoyed all the projects I’d undertaken at university and was fascinated by how it feeds into almost everything we use. I was made aware of the Scholarship after attending a summer school back in Y12 which talked a bit about UKESF and its role in promoting electronics to students, therefore I applied for the scholarship as it was a fantastic opportunity for me to develop my skills. After looking at all the companies I decided to go for Renishaw as they seemed to fit well with what I wanted; in their description they mentioned the possibilities of doing analogue and digital circuit design and VHDL (which were in line with what I was interested in learning more about) and when researching all the different areas that Renishaw is innovating in, I was fascinated by the technology that they pioneered for their precision measurement devices.

What type of work have you been involved with during your placement?

I am currently almost finished with my 9-week placement and have thoroughly enjoyed the work. So far it has focused on schematic and PCB design with initial small projects in MATLAB and the Zuken Design Suite. After I had gotten to grips with the software, I started on a project to boost signals sent from the probes on the precise measuring devices, which hopefully I will see get finished by the end of my placement. This has been an extremely useful experience as it has allowed me to gain an insight into what working in the company would be like, and has let me develop on the foundations that my course in university built.

What are your hobbies and interests?

I enjoy playing the piano, hiking and travelling – a hobby which had to take a bit of hiatus over lockdown!

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