Name: Magson

Sponsor: Samsung Cambridge Solution Centre (SCSC)

University: Imperial College London

Degree Course: MEng Electronic and Information Engineering

What appeals to me about Electronics

Electronics has applications in almost everything we do in the 21st century. It combines the fields of maths, science and computing to enrich the lives of millions of people.

Why I wanted a scholarship with Samsung

Samsung is one of the most innovative companies in the world today. Samsung Cambridge develops Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technologies requiring application of knowledge in digital electronics, signal processing and communications; these were subjects that I was particularly interested in.  An internship at Samsung Cambridge was an opportunity for me to learn from engineers in the industry and apply the theoretical knowledge acquired from my first year at university.

My summer placement work

I made a Wi-Fi traffic simulator using the Python programming language based on the industry standard protocols. I used it to model different hardware configurations to see how they would affect the throughput of different packet types. In doing so, I have learnt how signal processing is used to provide a reliable service and the mechanisms to ensure fair bandwidth usage in wireless communications. I also built a number of software tools, including one to aid in the identification of throughput bottlenecks from data captured in the lab. I gained an understanding of the contents of Wi-Fi packets and helped to interpret a number of test results for a product under development at the time. Towards the end of my internship I presented the software tools I had developed to a group of engineers which helped to improve my communication skills.

Outside of work

I enjoy playing badminton, playing the flute and folding origami. I had a lot of fun playing at the Samsung badminton club and getting to know the kind and genuine people at Samsung Cambridge.

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