Name: James

Sponsor: EDA Solutions

University: University of Surrey

Degree Course: MEng Electronic Engineering

What appeals to me about Electronics

Electronics is at the forefront of new and exciting technologies, and it drives most industries in the modern world. I have always been fascinated by the breathtaking level of ingenuity that goes into designing several technologies we use in our day to day lives. Electronics is transforming the way we live and interact with the world, and I am glad to be part of that.

Why I chose EDA Solutions

I have always been interested in the Design through software field and always wanted to be at the forefront of this industry. EDA Solutions seemed like the perfect fit, offering an entire flow of tools from Design capture to tapeout, helping Engineers develop solutions from ASICs to MEMs and Photonics chips. This resonated with my interest in working with Engineers in all stages of IC design, gaining a wide range of skills.

EDA Solutions is a small company with less than 20 employees. Working within a small company builds close relationships with colleagues and clients, and feeling part of the team is sure to happen.

My work and responsibilities

Whilst at EDA Solutions, I have been part of the Technical support team, working with Engineers across Europe on Analog, Digital and Mixed Signal flows. This has ranged from Simulation, Layout, Verification, and Automation. I have gained intense training on using several tools to provide solutions to customers to integrate their designs into our tools. Additionally, I have had to write several scripts in TCL, C++, and Python to automate several aspects of the design process to reduce time to market. My communication, problem-solving, debugging and coding skills have drastically improved during my time at EDA Solutions

My interests

I enjoy cycling, watching football, movies and TV shows, and hanging out with friends. I love programming in C++, Python and Javascript, contributing to some open-source projects on Github.

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