Name: Jake

Sponsor: Frazer-Nash Consultancy

University: University of Edinburgh

Degree Course: MEng Electrical with Mechanical Engineering

What appeals to me about Electronics

The greatest appeal must be the almost endless capabilities that electronic design can provide. We have already reached the point where a chip the size of a penny can outperform any human mind, imagine what advancements we could see in the coming years. The possibility of working alongside these is why I chose a degree in electronic engineering.

Why I chose Frazer-Nash

The large variety and breadth of different projects that you could be involved in is what makes consultancy so interesting. When I was being interviewed for the placement at Frazer-Nash, my interviewers told me that they couldn’t tell me exactly what work I would be doing in 6 months’ time because the work is project based and they would not know 6 months in advance what the roles would involve – that on its own was exciting enough to make me accept!

My placement and its value

Over the course of the summer I was assigned to a handful of different projects for both relatively small and large clientele, which provided an amazing insight into all aspects of engineering consultancy. One of the projects I was involved with allowed me to be a part of the design team who researched components, developed circuit schematics, designed the PCB, manufactured, tested and reviewed a working circuit board, which we then showcased to the client. It proved to me that even if I was only a couple of years into my degree, I could still have an impact on the modern world.

My interests

In my spare time I enjoy cooking, photography and watching long Netflix series with friends. I’ve been part of a student-run electronics society at university, which offers students the opportunity and support to work on their own personal electronics projects; it has provided me with a relaxing environment to experiment with electronics in.

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