Name: Dimitris

Sponsor: Nordson

University: University of Southampton

Degree Course: MEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Why I chose Electronics

My relationship with electronics started at a very young age. Like most people with a passion for technology, I used to find broken appliances, tear them apart and figure out what made them tick. I started toying around with electronics because of the sheer ubiquity of the field. The 50-year history of modern electronics and the countless innovations fascinated me beyond measure. It was only natural that I would choose to pursue a career in electronics.

Why I chose Nordson

I chose Nordson because I wanted my placement to involve some level of hands-on engineering work. Nordson stood out from the rest of the companies listed on the UKESF website because of the range of practical work available. Nordson offers extensive and cutting-edge work opportunities on its x-ray products. Reading about the experiences of previous students helped me affirm that the company would be a good fit for me.

My work and responsibilities

My placement at Nordson started with a hardware related task that involved creating a self-test routine for system I/O (embedded C++). This was an introductory task as the company wanted to size the main project according to my skillset.

My main project was to design a calibration and data acquisition procedure for the company’s new x-ray tube design (Python utility demo). I had the opportunity to work with x-ray machines and get a detailed understanding of their operation. I was also able to get exposed to other facets of work within the company and drive personal development. As my final task, I went back to firmware development and integrated the calibration data within the controller of the x-ray tube.

My interests

Outside of study, you will find me spending time on CanSat, a project of the Spaceflight Society at UoS. I am also involved in student governance as a course representative, seeking to make my course better for everyone. To unwind after a long day, I enjoy podcast series, and anime. I am barely considered a gamer and I love to cook.

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