"Looking at university subjects I realised that Electronics could be the ideal area to combine my interests..."



What appeals to me about Electronics

Throughout school, Maths and Physics were always my favourite subjects, due to the way I could use what I learned in these subjects, along with some creativity and intuition, to solve problems. I also tended to spend a lot of time designing and investigating things whenever the opportunity arose, be it a solar powered hydrogen generation system, roller coasters or a timer with a light gate. Looking at university subjects I realised that Electronics could be the ideal area to combine my interests, and upon then trying out programming and building logic circuits after open days I decided it was what I wanted to do.

Why wanted/accepted a scholarship with Imagination

Imagination Technologies are one of the country’s leading technology companies and were one of the first companies mentioned by lecturers on open days as an example of one of the UK’s best, so when looking for a scholarship they were on my mind. Having had an interest in how graphics and video compression worked through some small side projects and investigations, I decided they would be a great company to apply to.

The type of work and the value of it to me

Whilst at Imagination I worked with the graphics research team, where I was given my own project to work on. It lasted the duration of my placement which allowed me to experience the full lifecycle, from the first simple outputs to presenting its functions and results to the team at the end. Despite my apprehension about my lack of knowledge specific to graphics prior to starting, I received all the help I needed to learn about the things I was working on from my colleagues, all of whom were helpful and friendly. This enabled me to make a lot of progress and really enjoy my placement.

My personal interests

If I’m not working, I play video games and I run the CS:GO section of my university’s eSports society and help my dad out with some programming for his hobbies, or work on various side projects of my own. I’ll also go down to the park to play a little bit of football with my friends, or watch Netflix with them.