"Electronics changes every day, and at such a high speed that it can be outdated after a year of its invention."



Why I chose to study Electronics

The field of electronics is so wide and varied, from communicating across the world in an instant, to ensuring someone is kept alive by an insulin pump. It changes every day, and at such a high speed that it can be outdated after a year of its invention, and this really interests me.

Why I chose to work for AWE

I always had an interest in military engineering from my dad’s involvement in the sector, and I knew that it has cutting-edge technologies. When I learnt about the incredible work they do at AWE regarding National Safety and Security, I was immediately interested as I understood the wide variety of electronics they work on. During the assessment day, everyone I met was lovely and this really stood out to me.

My time at AWE

Over my placement, I have been based in Engineering Product Development, looking at researching new technologies. I was given my own project, which was based upon understanding the capability of printing electronics onto different substrates. I researched and designed my own sensor, which I printed and ran experiments on. It has helped me understand the world of R&D, as it’s not something I learn about at university. My placement has also allowed me to apply for EngTech, which will help throughout my journey to becoming a chartered engineer.

My hobbies and interests

Outside of electronics, I am not one to sit still. I continue to dance ballet, as I have done since I was four, with the Ballet Society, and keep my general fitness levels up. I am a coxswain with the Southampton University Boat Club, and thoroughly enjoy being part of the squad even with early morning sessions! When I’m able to, I also enjoy playing piano.