"Jaltek’s focus on PCB design and manufacturing really drew me to the company."



What appeals to me about Electronics?

The tiny scale of modern-day electronics. From PCBs themselves with multiple layers and incredibly high component density, to the ICs which go on them. I feel like studying electronics just gives you a new perspective and how much technology we take for granted in society.

Why I wanted a scholarship with Jaltek?

Jaltek’s focus on PCB design and manufacturing really drew me to the company. PCBs are everywhere so I was attracted to joining the company as it is such a useful skill. I also wanted a more industrial perspective on projects as I had only ever previously worked at the hobbyist level.

My placement and its value

I was very grateful to have been given the opportunity to work on a project entirely from scratch. The concept of my project was a battery datalogger for high power lamps. I had to come up with a concept, select parts, capture the schematic and do the layout using cadence software; all while getting reviewed by professional engineers along the way, giving me incredibly valuable industry advice. Doing a project and designing everything from scratch gave me a new appreciation of just how long entire projects can take. Working in a company I also learnt the importance of time management and making sure you allocate more time than you expect, as delays almost always occur.

My interests

The vast majority of my time is taken up by rowing. It is a very time consuming as well as a physically and mentally demanding sport. However, I like the challenge of trying to balance it with my degree. I also have other hobbies such as photography, videography and playing my Stratocaster to relax after a long day.