"Electronics is simply everywhere; it makes the world move nowadays, and it seems to work like magic for young minds."



What appeals to me about Electronics

Electronics is simply everywhere; it makes the world move nowadays, and it seems to work like magic for young minds. Since I was a child, I have been very curious about everything surrounding me. Learning and understanding what moves the world is something that I find fascinating. When I was a child, I got two electronics kits for Christmas, and I just wanted to experiment and see all the possible ways of making those devices run. At school, Technology- and Physics-related subjects were my favourites and, after my first year of high school, I had it clear that I wanted to become an Electrical Engineer, so that I could learn how to move the world too.

Why I chose EDA Solutions

The main reason for accepting the scholarship with EDA Solutions is that I felt that a small company with less than 15 employees would give me a broader picture of all the options available in this industry for me in the future. Furthermore, it is a partner of Mentor Graphics, a Siemens Business, a company which is widely known in the industry. Here we distribute industry-standard CAD tools such as Tanner Tools and Calibre (and many more), used for IC, photonics, mixed signals, etc. design and verification. I have been positively surprised by how everyone has treated me as full-time employee and how they have helped me become part of the team fast.

My work and responsibilities

While working at EDA Solutions, I have become part of the Support team. I have learnt the different types of tools that we distribute, which are also widely used by Electronics Design Engineers worldwide, and how to work with all of them. I have received intensive training on the flows and how everything links to everything else in this industry, from starting to develop an IC chip to its final stages in the foundry, going through schematic, simulation, layout, verification, etc. This has been very interesting because I have been able to see how the circuits I have learnt at university are developed in ICs, but it has also been very helpful because it will allow me in the future to have a fast-track to the Electronics industry.

My interests

Outside working and university hours, I enjoy swimming (I was part of the swimming team at university) but also watching some Netflix or technology videos on YouTube. I also like programming and discovering new things. I know C, C++, Python, and LabVIEW (I am CLAD certified), I have used VHDL and MATLAB, and I am learning C# and JavaScript (among others)! I have also recently taken up on a great interest in Systems and Linux environments, since I have been able to manage the Linux Server that we have for our CAD tools in the office.