Name: Lily

Job Title: Research & Development Engineer

From school to university

I really enjoyed studying maths at high school and college so when it came to picking my degree I decided on something maths based. I also wanted a hands-on course, not just to be stuck in lectures 37 hours a week, so I choose Electronic Engineering. It definitely had a practical side to it. I designed and built everything from a heart rate monitor to an automated buggy. The course was also so varied, one week I would be studying Fourier transforms and gate logic and the next I would be learning semiconductor device fabrication and biometric recognition!

Why I chose to work for Thales

I chose a research role with Thales UK because I wanted to work for a company that is very successful at what it does, as well as being able to continue to learn a variety of skills and technology areas. Also, the security business sector especially had really caught my attention during university. I didn’t get the opportunity to do an industrial placement during my degree and I really wish I had. I was very lucky to get a role that is so engaging and enjoyable, without previously working in industry and knowing what would suit me.

My work at Thales

I really like the work I do in Thales Research and Technology. It varies a lot, which was one of my favourite bits about my university course, and I have the opportunity to work in a different business sector every few months. For the last 6 months I have been working in the transport division developing an innovative rail signalling method which will be low cost. My team have been doing proof of concept work, researching the rail industry and meeting with stakeholders – which has included a trip to Paris!

During my free time

I enjoy doing a range of activities including live music and comedy nights, salsa classes, skiing and athletics.

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