Name: Henry

Job Title: Technical Support Engineer

What appeals to me about Electronics

My interest in Electronics extends from my interest Physics, Maths and my intrigue into how the electronic devices around me worked. I grew up with an Electronics Design Engineer for a parent and found it fascinating to learn how designers solved different problems and the physical principles behind both the problem and the solutions. A-level Electronics strengthened my interest as the practical implantation of my interest in Physics and Maths; this allowed me to understand and design circuits/systems which solve challenges in our modern world. The industry is continually providing new challenges in design in the never-ending quest for smaller form factors, better performance and more features.

Why I chose EDA

I initially joined EDA Solutions on a UKESF Scholarship. I chose them because they are a company that provides support for full flow industry standard Mentor-Graphics/Tanner ASIC and MEMs software design tools. The company offered a good opportunity to become a key part of a small application engineer team; this would enable me to gain experience and knowledge across the start the start to finish of ASIC design flow, using industry standard tools, and to gain a great commercial awareness of the industry through direct interaction with customers. Having recently graduated, and having enjoyed my internship with them so much, I have re-joined EDA to start my career in Microelectronics.

The type of work I have been involved with

My role as an Application Engineer is to work directly with all our customers in Europe, to quickly assist them with their EDA tools design environments whenever any problems arise in any part of their flow. I also write C++ and TCL script to add tool functionality and quality assure the deployment of process design kit libraries, which customers use for schematic entry, silicon layout, verification and tape out to a foundry for fabrication. Additionally, I have been given opportunities to travel to different countries for technical training, and mentor a school team through the Go4SET challenge. For me, this work has been invaluable chance to improve my communication, knowledge and experience competencies within the industry.

My interests

My interests include hobby electronics and riding my bike. During the internship, I liked to cycle to work and do weekend bike rides. I also have also a keen interest in flying, clocking over 15hrs of flight time across different aircraft types and I have completed a gliding scholarship scheme.

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