Name: Henry

Job Title: Lead Engineer

What’s it like working at Partner Electronics?

As an engineer I like to solve problems, making products and designs that have never been done before, ultimately making real stuff. PEL is a great place to achieve that.

I came to Partner Electronics wanting to expand my technical skills and my soft skills: project management, client interaction, how electronics works in the real world etc.

I was keen to experience working with external clients from a range of industries and gain experience running projects myself while working as part of a multi-disciplinary team – not just being a single coder or designer for instance.

A key reason I chose Partner was the variety the company offered to a graduate engineer, being able to work with a range of clients in different industries. I liked the idea of experiencing a range of specialities (hardware, firmware, software etc.), not being confined to a set role.

I also engaged with the culture of being hands-on with clients and being able to help them design real stuff that people would actually use.

My first impressions of PEL were that it was a small hardworking team. Everyone was very friendly and there wasn’t much time before I was doing actual real engineering; it was on my first day in fact. I enjoyed that everything came pretty fast, training was done quickly, and it didn’t take long before I was writing software that our clients would be using. I learned quickly that PEL work very closely with our clients, helping influence their projects and designs; working with the client, not just for the client.

Tell us something about you?

I studied at the University of Bath for 5 years and moved to PEL as a graduate engineer in 2018. Outside work, I play for Silverstone cricket club in the village; I was a Scout when I was younger and my partner and I like to go camping and hiking when we get the chance.




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