Name: Georgy

Job Title: Graduate Engineer

What inspires you about Electronics?

Personally, I have felt that the electronics industry always provides you with an opportunity to apply creativity and theory at the same time. As it involves a blend of software and hardware, it’s quite easy to find your path while working on different projects. And with the world advancing every day around the electronics industry, there is always a possibility to work on the latest trends, which drives the business forward.

Why I chose to work at AccelerComm

My major motivation for choosing AccelerComm was the technology it deals with, and how the Graduate Program was structured. I was pretty sure that working in the Wireless Communication industry would help me to gain knowledge on various aspects of ASIC and FPGA development, while learning the underlying theory. Also, the rotation policy of the Graduate program at AccelerComm gives the opportunity to find the most comfortable path while working with very experienced people in the industry. And working with a startup always gives the option to be involved in a wide range of projects, which is important in the learning curve of a graduate.

Tell us about your work

Currently, I am working on the development of a FPGA Verification platform and getting my hands-on experience in RTL and TCL scripting. At the same time, I am spending time understanding the entire process of product development and learning the theory that supports each of the products being designed and delivered. Each day brings in new challenges with quite a lot of opportunity to learn.

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