"The UKESF was commissioned to undertake the work based on their proven track record within our industry sector."

Chris Meadows, IQE and CS Connected

Compound Semiconductor Skills Survey 2018

Compound semiconductors have enabled a wide range of communications and sensing applications, and will play an increasingly important role in next generation technologies  from connected autonomous vehicles to robotics, aerospace, energy and healthcare. There is a growing Compound Semiconductor Cluster (CS Connected) in South Wales, which currently directly employs around 1,500 people and is set to see significant growth. These are high value jobs at the start of the semiconductor supply chain and demand is expected to grow significantly over the next five or so years. There are expectations that the UK will be at the fore of a global compound semiconductor market predicted to be worth $140bn by 2023. However, it is a highly technical sector with some very specific skills sets.

“In order to leverage our world-leading IP and technical capabilities we need to ensure that we have the infrastructure and the appropriate skills pipelines in place to ensure we can sustain and grow our global leadership and in so doing, significantly enhance our productivity.

A key requirement of the work was to hold meaningful interviews with key industry players  a task requiring a highly reputable and credible interview techniques and thorough analysis. After extensive consultations, the UKESF was commissioned to undertake the work based on their proven track record within our industry sector.

The survey results generally confirm expectations but provided empirical and independent evidence to assist the education sectors in their planning to meet the growing needs of the industry.”

Chris Meadows from IQE and CS Connected

“This is an important study; we have shown that in order for the CS Cluster to grow and flourish as an area of expertise in this global industry sector, it is essential that the appropriate educational and training capabilities are in place. For the UK to maintain its position as a leading global economy, investment in people’s skills is essential.”

Stew Edmondson, CEO of the UKESF

The report can be downloaded HERE.