"Electronics is my passion and I feel it could be many other people’s passion if they are inspired like I was. With the UKESF I can get involved with projects to do that."

UKESF Scholar, 2017–20


The UKESF knows that the skills shortage threatens productivity, growth and economic expansion of the Electronics sector in the UK.

The UKESF provides an ever-growing education programme, inspiring students about Electronics at school and to pursue STEM-focused subjects through to A-level.

We also run an expanding scholarship scheme for Electronics undergraduates, providing industry placements, developing employability skills and encouraging innovation, in addition to giving financial support.

Here are just some of the ways in which your donation could benefit young people and the Electronics sector:

  • £5 purchases a simple Electronics project kit to enable a schoolchild to make a basic Electronics circuit as part of a short introductory ‘taster’ session
  • £50 provides a mentor training session for a volunteer prior to delivering Electronics STEM activities in schools
  • £100 purchases an Arduino-based remotely controlled vehicle Electronics kit to enable a schoolchild to complete a more complex Electronics construction and coding project
  • £250 funds a sixth former to attend a 4-day residential Electronics taster course at one of our partner universities
  • £1,000 pays for two secondary schools/colleges to receive the Music Mixer project kit and a CPD training session for each teacher.
  • £1,200 provides a professionally organised and delivered full-day Electronics-based STEM challenge for 36 schoolchildren aged 11–14
  • £1,500 funds a bursary and supports professional development for a female undergraduate studying Electronics at one of our partner universities
With your help, we will tackle the skills shortage.

To make a donation, please visit our Wonderful page.

To discuss setting up a workplace giving scheme, please email finance@ukesf.org.


Registered charity number: SC043940