Our engineers and scientists are passionate about making a difference to society through technology. Silveray

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Who we are and what we do

Silveray is delivering X-ray solutions for major global challenges in industrial and healthcare markets with their proprietary & highly sensitive flexible X-ray detectors. The cross-functional engineering & physics team develop large-area X-ray detectors including electronic read-out circuits, organic thin film transistor backplanes, X-ray conversion materials (nanoparticles doped into polymers), and the accompanying image processing software.

Dan Cathie, co-founder and CEO of Silveray, chats to Doug Noll in this interesting article about becoming a CEO. In a separate article, Dan also explores the ways in which we can use X-ray to move mammography into the 21st century.

What you could be doing during your work placement

At Silveray you will be working with a team of around 10 engineers and scientists who are passionate about making a difference to society through technology. The team is multi-cultural with a good gender mix, and more importantly, friendly! The type of project you will be involved with will most likely include a mix of hands on electronics (bench work), some software or firmware (Python or VHDL), and maybe even some X-ray imaging. If interested, there may also be the opportunity to work in the cleanroom on materials, developing and coating our electronic substrates with materials to make them respond to X-rays in different ways. All training will be provided in-house, and you will be expected to contribute to the company goals. The team is dynamic and curious, and their ambitions and capabilities are high. You are guaranteed to learn and have fun doing so!

Our work culture:

  • Be open & transparent, offer information gratuitously, work collaboratively
  • Learn from each other, educate each other, ask stupid questions, be rigorous
  • Be flexible, stay connected with each other, be productive, be efficient, deliver quality
  • Try new stuff, take a risk, be innovative, fail sometimes, celebrate the wins
  • Be fresh, maintain balance, don’t live to work, get a hobby