"Dialog Semiconductor’s chips are found in an impressive range of everyday products."

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Dialog Semiconductor

Our Scholarships

Placement location Type of Placements Offered Restrictions/Notes
Swindon or Edinburgh

Any placements

2021/22 Scholarships

We are not offering any new scholarships this year

Our Award

2021/22 Dialog Award for Female Undergraduates

Who we are and what we do

Dialog Semiconductor provides highly integrated standard and custom mixed-signal integrated circuits (ICs), optimised for smartphone, computing, IoT, LED solid state lighting and smart home applications.

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We work with some of the best household and industry names in the world, and Dialog Semiconductor’s chips are found in an impressive range of everyday products. We now operate from over 33 locations in 16 countries and our global workforce continues to increase with diverse talent.

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What you could be doing during your work placement

Work placements with Dialog Semiconductor could involve:

  • Design, simulation and layout of mixed-signal integrated power management and audio ICs for mobile systems applications.
  • Lab investigations, evaluation and measurement.
  • Modelling of high level systems.
  • Full mentoring and access to company EDA tools and research facilities is provided.

Meet one of our UKESF Scholars

University of Bristol
Degree Course:
MEng Electrical & Electronic Engineering

What appeals to you about Electronics?

I was drawn to Electronics because it is such an innovative and quickly advancing field of engineering, with countless applications in a variety of different industries, such as transportation, energy management, communications and healthcare. When applying to study Electrical and Electronic Engineering, I really liked the idea of using my problem-solving skills to have a positive impact on current and future technological development and research.

Why did you want a scholarship with Dialog Semiconductor?

Dialog Semiconductor is at the forefront of PMIC technology, so I was very interested in the opportunity to work alongside such knowledgeable and passionate people. After my interview with Dialog, I was even more excited at the possibility of obtaining a scholarship with them because of how much they valued a strong work ethic and how helpful and encouraging everyone was.

What type of work have you been involved with during your placement?

In my first year at Dialog, I was part of the Layout Team and worked on optimizing a comparator cell and its corresponding top level block. This past summer, I was part of the Digital Design Team, where I worked on a PMIC FPGA emulation improvement project. These placements have been extremely valuable to me, as I have had the opportunity to learn about the design, fabrication and layout of PMICs, as well as about hardware emulation and simulation debugging. I have also had the opportunity to learn how to use software, such as Cadence and Xilinx, which are leading tools that I will definitely need in my future work.

What are your hobbies and interests?

I enjoy playing the piano, going to concerts, travelling and doing sports. I’m also the secretary of the Bristol Electrical and Electronic Engineering Society, so I help to plan several events throughout the year.

Meet one of our Engineers


Job Title:
Principal Design Engineer

From school to engineering

I work for Dialog Semiconductor in their Audio Design centre in Edinburgh.  I was employed as a Junior Design Engineer after graduating from the University of Edinburgh in 2008 with a 1st Class MEng in Electrical and Electronic Engineering.  I chose to study Engineering as I saw it as an exciting and challenging course.  My favourite subjects at school were Maths and Physics as I have always loved problem solving.  I also enjoyed Art because it allows you to be imaginative and creative.  I still pursue this as a hobby and currently attend an Art class in the evenings.  I think creativity is important in Engineering as quite often you have to think outside the box.

How I benefited from an industrial placement during my degree

My degree course included the opportunity to apply for an 8 month industrial placement which I enjoyed immensely.  During this placement I worked for an IC design company and designed a circuit which was manufactured.  I got the opportunity to see the chip working, which was very exciting.  This placement gave me a great insight into the day-to-day job of a design engineer and confirmed to me that I was in the right field.

My work at Dialog Semiconductor

I work within the Analogue team in the Audio group. The work is often challenging but rewarding. A project can last months and months in the design phase, so there is great satisfaction when the chip is manufactured and you can listen to it working well. It’s also great to see friends and family buying products that you know you’ve contributed to. Even though I work in the Analogue group, there is a lot of day to day interaction with digital, applications and test engineers which makes the job quite varied.

What I do out of work

My hobbies are mainly sport related, especially running. I have always enjoyed sport and am happy to say that life as an Engineer still allows you to have a healthy balance between work and your hobbies.