"At our UK design centre we create and customise these processor cores using Codasip Studio for our customers worldwide."


Our Scholarships

Placement location Type of Placements Offered Restrictions/Notes
Cambridge or Bristol

Summer placements only

* (1) No first years

2021/22 Scholarships

One new scholarship

Who we are and what we do

Codasip was founded on a simple belief – that we could bring together the brilliance of microprocessor architects and software engineers and capture it in tools that made design simpler, faster, and less expensive. Codasip Studio was born in 2014 with the mission of automating processor design.

Codasip Studio is a complete, highly automated toolset for designing and customising processor cores. Whether you need to create a new core or optimise an existing one, Codasip Studio makes the task unbeatably fast and easy, with reliable results.

Codasip Studio employs a revolutionary approach: one single high-level description of the processor replaces multiple manual tasks of writing the RTL, adding any custom instructions, updating the compiler, etc. Unlike similar tools, Codasip Studio generates the design implementation, verification environment, virtual system prototype, and a complete software toolchain fully automatically. The design methodology is protected by patents and we use it ourselves to create the Codasip processor IP.

At Codasip we use Studio to develop our own series of ready-made RISC-V processor core designs that can be deployed in standard configurations or extended and configured in Codasip Studio for a tailored result. At our UK design centre we create and customise these processor cores using Codasip Studio for our customers worldwide.

What you could be doing during your work placement

You will be assigned to a design team developing our next generation of RISC-V processor cores, or performing customisation work for an existing core. The work will be meaningful and project related, using the latest EDA tools for silicon design. Work could be on design or verification activities and we are looking for enthusiastic people with a willingness to learn and contribute. You will be assigned a mentor who will guide you through your placement and help you develop your skills beyond those which can be learned in a lecture theatre environment.