"We are involved in some of the UK's most exciting projects demanding the very highest level of engineering excellence."

Capgemini Engineering

Our Scholarships

Placement location Type of Placements Offered Restrictions/Notes

Any placements

* (1) Requires 12-month placement; (2) This is an embedded software or control and instrumentation-focused scholarship; (3) All students should ideally have a minimum of 5 years’ permanent residency in the UK and be able to obtain security clearance

2022/23 Scholarships

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Who we are and what we do

Capgemini Engineering combines, under one brand, a unique set of strengths from across the Capgemini Group: the world leading engineering and R&D services of Altran – acquired by Capgemini in 2020 – and Capgemini’s digital manufacturing expertise.

In the UK, we provide engineering services and bespoke project-based solutions from conception to delivery to major national and global players. Our high-calibre technical units, expertise centres and world class centres are involved in some of the UK’s most exciting projects demanding the very highest level of engineering excellence, including building a pioneering new automotive architecture, revolutionising the approach to rail delays and designing the latest traffic management system for UK airspace.

We are seeking graduates who are forward thinking, innovative and inquisitive to join our exceptional team.

What you could be doing during your work placement

Jerome joined us from Bath University: “In the four months I have been at Altran (now Capgemini), I have worked as a developer on a small-scale project. It has given me the opportunity to practise my programming skills and work alongside other developers. I have already had the opportunity to visit a client site and present the work I have done. I was welcomed quickly by the team and participated within the weekly team meetings. I am currently starting training in preparation for joining a large project as a tester, giving me experience in an area of the software cycle I have not encountered before and the chance to work with new people. I recommend Altran (now Capgemini) to those who want to experience all of the software engineering life cycle. You will be treated as an equal team member and given real responsibilities. People are very friendly and helpful and will ensure that you receive the appropriate amount of work and offer the guidance that you need.”

Meet one of our Scholars

University of Bristol
Degree Course:
MEng Computer Science and Electronics

What appeals to you about Electronics?

Becoming an engineer was always something I had in mind growing up. The first time I ever gave Electronics much thought was when I was choosing my A-Levels. Up to this time I had always been disappointed with the lack of opportunity to learn something more hands-on. When I saw the current students breadboard projects at the open days of my local colleges, I saw the real world applications of the years of Maths I had learnt. I enrolled in the course and found that it was a subject that I felt I could pursue as a career.

Why did you want a scholarship with Altran (now Capgemini Engineering)?

While researching companies on the UKESF website, I read that Altran (now Capgemini Engineering) had used its expertise in a wide range of applications. I was interested to be involved in such a diverse business. During my phone interview with the Bath office I found out more about the work they do, and that I would be programming if I were to get the internship. As I am currently studying for a Computer Science and Electronics degree, I was keen to accept and get some industry experience in software engineering.

What type of work have you been involved with during your placement?

I have been working on a team to reduce the cost of designing and implementing new high integrity systems. My confidence as a programmer has been low the past year due to my computer science modules being mostly theory. This summer has given me the chance to get some valuable experience and build my confidence. I learnt key work experience skills that I wasn’t being taught at university, such as software development management. On the team, I was put in charge of document generation, which required me to learn some new skills including a new language (Epsilon Object Language) for model to text transformation.

What are your interests outside of work?

I spent my summer weekends either competing in the Quidditch Premier League for South West Broadside, or going on long bike rides. It was great fun coming in at 5th place in the Quidditch championships when we were predicted to be 10th. As a keen cyclist I enjoyed joining work colleagues on a evening bike ride and pub dinner most weeks.

Meet one of our Engineers

Job Title:
Junior Engineer – Intelligent Systems Expertise Centre

“I’m always learning and gaining new skills.”