Artemis Technologies

Our journey unfolded from our base in the University of Cambridge to becoming the world's leading high performance yacht system design company and launching the world's first 100% electric foiling workboat range, right in the heart of Belfast harbour. Artemis Technologies

Our Scholarships

Placement Location


Type of Placements Offered

• 12-month placements • 6-month MEng placements


(1) Requires 12-month placement or 6-8-month MEng placement starting in 2024; (2) Students must be in the penultimate year of their degree; (3) Students must have permanent right to work in the UK after graduation

2023/24 Scholarships

Two new scholarships

Who we are and what we do

Artemis Technologies is an applied technologies spin off from the successful Artemis Racing America’s Cup team, and we’re on a mission to help deliver a sustainable maritime future.

Building on our high-performance background, our mission is to lead the decarbonisation of the maritime industry through the design and development of transformative technologies and zero-emission vessels.

At the forefront of maritime engineering, we utilise our specialist expertise to provide tailored services to both high-performance and commercial clients, as well as develop unique products like our disruptive Artemis eFoiler® electric propulsion system.

What you could be doing during your work placement

The Technical Department is a critical aspect of Artemis Technologies. The Flight Controls and Electronics team, oversees the design and engineering of all control systems, instrumentation, wiring, HMI, and power electronics. The Flight Controls and Electronics team collaborates closely with all other teams within the technical department including Naval Architecture, Propulsion and Mechanical Systems, Design Tools and Performance and Compliance to develop ground-breaking zero-emissions e-foiling vessel technologies. As an intern with Artemis Technologies, you would:

  • Coordinate and collaborate with ATL technical partners, in order to deliver groundbreaking solutions for electrical system marinization.
  • Support commissioning, calibration and setup of these electronics systems.
  • Work closely with the rest of the systems team to ensure the full eFoiler systems package is of the highest standard.
  • During operation of the prototype efoilers you may assist with day to day maintenance, fault finding and implementing solutions for the reliable operations of all electronics systems including preventative strategies.
  • Attend team and 1-1 meetings and fulfil reporting requirements as required by Artemis Technologies.
  • Build good working relationships across Artemis Technologies.

Electronics Engineer Intern

The Electronics Engineer intern will engineer Artemis eFoiler® vessels electronics systems: sensors, instrumentation, looms and LV & HV systems architecture. Working with the ATL design team, responsible for the specification of the onboard electronics systems. This includes specifying and designing the electrical installation of the instrumentation, control systems, battery systems, electric motors, telemetry, sensors, and wiring systems.

Embedded Software Engineer Intern

Working as part of a multi-functional Flight Controls and Electronics team, the Embedded Software Engineer intern will play an essential role in taking control algorithm concepts for the Artemis eFoiler® vessels (control surface actuation, flight control augmentation, autopilot functionality, power management, general control function) and bringing them to life. The intern will support the overall embedded control solution by implementing and testing firmware and software for the vessel electronic control units, and will collaborate with ATL simulation tools engineers to validate control systems ahead of real-life testing.