Our Mission: Build great products that accelerate next-generation computing experiences.​ AMD

Our Scholarships

Placement Location

Edinburgh, Belfast or Cambridge

Type of Placements Offered

• Summer placements • 12-month placements • 6-month MEng placements


Students must be in the penultimate year of their degree

2023/24 Scholarships

At least one new scholarship

Who we are and what we do

We push the limits of innovation to solve the world’s most important challenges. We strive for execution excellence, while being direct, humble, collaborative and inclusive of diverse perspectives.

Founded in 1969 as a Silicon Valley start-up, the AMD journey began with dozens of employees focused on leading-edge semiconductor products. From those modest beginnings, AMD has grown into a global company setting the standard for modern computing through major technological achievements and many important industry firsts along the way.

Rooted in an innovation-driven culture, AMD employees collaborate every day to maximize the potential of modern computing, utilizing semiconductor innovation to transform how people live, work, learn and play.

Today, AMD offers the industry’s broadest portfolio of leadership high-performance and adaptive processor technologies, combining CPUs, GPUs, FPGAs, Adaptive SoCs and deep software expertise to enable leadership computing platforms for cloud, edge and end devices.

Our Vision: High performance and adaptive computing is transforming our lives. Our Mission: Build great products that accelerate next-generation computing experiences.​

What you could be doing during your work placement

AMD develops highly flexible and adaptive processing platforms that enable rapid innovation across a variety of technologies – from the endpoint to the edge to the cloud. AMD/Xilinx is the inventor of the FPGA, hardware programmable SoCs and the ACAP (Adaptive Compute Acceleration Platform), designed to deliver the most dynamic processor technology in the industry and enable the adaptable, intelligent and connected world of the future in a multitude of markets including Data Center (Compute, Storage and Networking); Wireless/5G and Wired Communications; Automotive/ADAS; Emulation & Prototyping; Aerospace & Defense; Industrial Scientific & Medical, and others. AMD’s core strengths simultaneously address major industry trends including the explosion of data, heterogeneous computing after Moore’s Law, and the dawn of artificial intelligence (AI).

AMD’s University Relations team is committed to helping students and graduates expand and apply their theoretical knowledge, while building on-the-job skills. Interns with the University Relations program are encouraged to display their talents, build professional networks, participate in real-life engineering challenges, and apply back to fulltime opportunities upon graduation. Be part of the team that enables today and inspires tomorrow!

Meet one of our Scholars

Name: Philip

Sponsor: AMD

University: University of Edinburgh

Degree Course: MEng Electronics and Computer Science

Why I chose AMD

What appeals me to electronics is how it underpins our modern world and where minor enhancements can lead to significant real-world impacts. However, it’s not just their functionality. There is an intrinsic beauty in the complexity behind electronics such as CPUs. It lies behind the collaborative innovation, the relentless effort, the vast knowledge that unites to create something deceptively small.

Why did you want a scholarship with AMD?

When AMD joined the scholarship scheme in 2022, I only applied to them. This decision was driven by AMD’s position at the forefront of the electronics industry, showcasing their remarkable ability to master the complexity inherent in chip design. AMD’s diverse range of offerings, including CPUs, GPUs, FPGAs, and more, perfectly aligns with my passion for intricate electronics. AMD therefore aligns with my passion for intricate electronics, and provides the opportunities to learn about the different applications of electronics – which was definitely the case during my internship. Most importantly, AMD pushes the boundaries, and teaches you how to.

What type of work have you been involved with during your placement?

Before I began my internship, I had expressed an interest in Machine Learning (ML). My task reflected that – I investigated novel applications of Machine Learning (ML) in the communications space. The opportunity allowed me to learn about communications, the signal processing chain, grounding the theory, concepts that I had learned in University. I also learned about ML in the novel ways that research proposes to apply it to different areas, and the frameworks that are used to accelerate development. Ultimately, it helped me learn about a technology I was interested in, and ground learned theory in real applications.

What are your hobbies and interests?

I enjoy trying new sports! I currently fence, and am trying out kayaking. I also enjoy watching them, especially Formula 1. I’m also a part of the Formula Student society within my university, where we work towards our goal of building an autonomously driven electric car.