"Established UKESF Scholars can empathise with what undergraduates joining the scheme are going through"

Scholarship Buddies

Scholarship Buddies are appointed to support UKESF Scholars as they commence their scholarships and undertake their first work placements. It is an informal agreement that should benefit both the buddy and the mentee.

Buddy Role

The main focus is on sharing your experiences. As an established or graduated UKESF Scholar, you will be able to empathise with what mentees are going through and provide support and guidance as they develop.

As a buddy, your role will be to:

  • Provide support as mentees are awarded their scholarship, undertake work placements, participate in career development activities, take part in outreach events in support of the UKESF and continue their studies.
  • Help the mentee to adapt to the culture and formalities of the workplace.
  • Support the mentee in identifying development goals and setting objectives to meet these.
  • Share your own experience and act as a sounding board for thoughts and ideas on the mentee’s development.

To become a buddy, you will need good interpersonal and relationship management skills, as well as a genuine interest in developing other young professionals.

Details of the Agreement

The pairing length will depend on the individuals involved, but is likely to last for approximately 12 months to a couple of years.

The buddy or mentee may end the agreement at any time if they feel it is no longer productive to work together – just contact the UKESF to let us know.