"Getting relevant work experience is a vital part of any engineering degree."

Internship Programme

Getting relevant work experience is a vital part of any engineering degree. Since 2010 the UKESF has been helping students to gain experience with leading companies in the Electronics sector via our Scholarship Scheme. In 2018 we launched our Internship Programme especially for first-year undergraduates and foundation-year students at our 21 partner universities, offering the opportunity for a paid work placement in the real-world Electronics sector, in addition to networking and building professional relationships.

What You Get

  • A one-off paid summer placement of least 6 weeks that follows your first academic year
  • Minimum of £300 per week
  • Work experience at an Electronics company, with no long-term commitment

Internship Programme Eligibility

You must:

  • Be in your first year or foundation year at university (second year also applicable in Scotland)
  • Be registered at a UKESF partner university (check the scrolling banner on the Universities main page for your university) on a course containing a substantial amount of Electronics or Electronic Engineering
  • Have the permanent right to work in the UK after graduation
  • Not hold any sponsorship/scholarship funded by a single commercial organisation, such as the IET Power Academy or E3 Academy, etc. (university scholarships/bursaries and the IET Diamond Jubilee Scholarship are accepted if they do not involve paid work)


Applications for 2019/20 will open in January 2020; you can email info@ukesf.org and ask to be notified when the date is announced. You can find information and advice about the application process here, and find out which companies offered internships last year here.