"Electronics is so wide-ranging and not repetitive at all."

Nicola, UKESF Scholar

Things To Know Before Studying Electronics

“Before I started studying Electronics I wish I’d known about all the opportunities that are available to school students related to this field. On a purely personal level, I think that it’s important to engage early with your potential career field. That helps you to decide whether you’re making a good choice and also helps you to meet your future colleagues.”

Audrius, UKESF Scholar

“I wish I had fully absorbed the little about Electronics that I was taught at school (one of the few things I actually tried hard for back in those days), and that I could have been exposed to it at a younger age than 18/19. University was very hard for me in the beginning because of this, but I pulled through.”

Louis, UKESF Scholar

“I wish I had known Electronics was so wide-ranging and not repetitive at all. It is a very varied industry: depending on the applications your product is designed for, different sets of rules will apply and therefore your design will change completely. I also didn’t know how dynamic and how many young and talented people work in engineering companies; even though you don’t know anyone when you join a new company, it is very easy to get along with everyone.”

Nicola, UKESF Scholar