"My 3-year UKESF Scholarship gave me a great kickstart into a career in the Electronics industry."



Josh, a UKESF scholar 2013–16 and Scholar of the Year 2015, studied at the University of Southampton and was sponsored by ARM, where he is now employed as a Graduate Engineer.

My 3-year UKESF Scholarship gave me a great kickstart into a career in the Electronics industry. I successfully completed two internships with a market leader in Microprocessor Intellectual Property, ARM. I was able to work across different locations and teams, giving me experience in a wide variety of work. I very much enjoyed both my internships, but one particular team and job role stood out. I subsequently signed a graduate contract into the Implementation Team at ARM and have now been working as a Graduate Engineer for 6 months.

Looking to the future, I would like to gain as much technical experience as possible and ultimately move towards a more managerial role. I can definitely see myself staying at ARM as I see their business plan and long-term goals to be at the forefront of innovation.

The Electronics industry is growing rapidly and offers so many interesting and rewarding careers to aspiring students. I have continued to promote electronics in local schools, as I think this is vital to keep people interested in the industry. The UKESF has helped me tremendously and I hope it can continue to be a driving force to students into a this ever-growing sector.