"The team size [at Codasip] was relatively small at about 10, which allowed me to see a broad spectrum of silicon design."



What appeals to me about Electronics?

I have always wanted to go into some type of stem or engineering field. However, it wasn’t until I had done systems and control at GCSE that I decided on electronics. The thing that I found really appealing was how electronics combined lots of different areas and interests. It allowed me to tinker and make physical projects, as well as continuing with programming and computer science. To me electronics also makes a great hobby as it’s so accessible now with Arduinos and Pi Picos.

Why I wanted a scholarship with Codasip

When I did my placement at Codasip, the Bristol office had only been open a few months. That was interesting to me as the environment was rapidly changing. The team size was also relatively small at about 10, which allowed me to see a broad spectrum of silicon design. The people also were very friendly and keen to help.

My placement and its value

I mostly worked on my programming and software skills over my placement. Mostly C++ and using build tools such as cmake or autotools. I was collecting data to help with making design choices for a RISC-V processor. This was beneficial as I was working on an active part of the project within the team and contributing to the code base using Git.

My interests

A lot of my free time is spent making or doing stem related things, either directly making projects or in other ways. I watch every F1 race, and I enjoy sim racing. I’m also big into aerospace style things, such as flight sims like DCS, or making Airfix models. I have also played classical guitar for many years.