"I had never heard of IDEX before and definitely would never have found them if not through the UKESF."



What appeals to me about Electronics

What made me curious about electronics was the ability to make inanimate things come alive. Most of my favourite things only work because of electronics, naturally I wanted to know why they worked and how I could do the same, so I decided to study Electronics.

Why I chose IDEX

After enrolling at university and learning about Electronics, I felt ready to apply what I’d learnt in a real world scenario so I decided to look for places to apply for an internship. The UKESF scheme had a wide array of companies that were looking for applicants so I had a look around and ended up finding this hidden gem called IDEX Biometrics. I had never heard of them before and definitely would never have found them if not through the UKESF.

I was immediately interested by their product, a biometric smartcard. It was one of the most interesting products I had seen and had incredible potential, so I sent my application as I wanted to learn more about it and work on it.

My placement and its value

At IDEX I helped perform measurements and tests, and I worked on my own project, in which I was given a high amount of independence. My project involved creating a field strength meter to measure the magnetic field strength that is obtainable from card readers; this would be useful for internal company tests. It was a great challenge and I learnt a lot about electronics, meeting specifications and working in a professional environment! The staff are friendly and helpful and would always offer advice and help whenever I had few problems. It is a great learning environment.

My interests

In my free time I’m usually playing strategy games or futsal, and I have also been teaching myself piano. I have also worked as a volunteer on my universities Formula Student team, which has helped develop my engineering skills even further!