"At STMicro, no matter what level you are at, they are willing to invest in your ideas."



What appeals to me about Electronics

In a modern-day tale, Prometheus would give electricity to the people. Its significance is as important to humanity as the fire received from the Titan was in the well-known myth. To harness this power we need electronics to help bring warmth to our homes and put food on our tables. Electronics provide us with applications from the bare necessities to the luxuries. It intertwines our life. For one to understand electronics is as useful as wielding the fire was for mankind in archaic times. Its use can better the world and raise the quality of life for everyone. It provides safety and comfort to people to be able to occupy their mind with bettering the world, not just surviving tomorrow.

Why I chose STMicroelectronics

STMicroelectronics provides a great opportunity, being a semiconductor company. They give hands-on knowledge on how to record information from the world and how to utilise it for any task one can think of. Their projects require tapping into creativity in order to find a solution to improve sensing. And as sensors to the machines are like the 5 senses to humans, this scholarship provides an excellent opportunity for a student in Robotics to observe and study at this company. The interview with my supervisor was relaxed and supportive which made me feel I would enjoy working for STMicroelectronics. The project we discussed was really interesting and my interests were taken into consideration too.

My placement and its value

My projects mainly involved creating algorithms for various tasks. One of them was image reconstruction for foggy scenes, finding a solution to improve visibility of scene objects, and the findings of this research were successful. I would like to mention my gratitude for the support and guidance of my supervisor – with his help the patent application by ST is pending on this project. At STMicro, no matter what level you are at, they are willing to invest in your ideas. The other project involved SPAD sensor data processing with the help of machine learning to lower power consumption and deal with bottleneck issues. These tasks involved a fair bit of research and learning how to write algorithms compatible with hardware restrictions, and allowed me to extend my knowledge with a hands-on machine learning application project.

My interests

I am passionate about art and design.  Graphic design, painting, sculpting are my hobbies. Besides the traditional techniques, I also enjoy working digitally with Photoshop with 3D printers and laser cutters. And have some experience in game character and scene modelling with Blender and Unity game development. I also use AutoCAD inventor for modelling parts for small projects and a Raspberry Pi to control them.