"I want to contribute as a part of the next wave of engineers, pioneering for success."



What appeals to you about Electronics?

I have always enjoyed learning in Maths, Physics and Computer Science lessons, but I have had a greater interest applying the knowledge in real life. I think recent development in technology has encouraged innovation at its greatest in the automotive, health and energy sectors to improve the quality of life for so many people around the world. I want to contribute as a part of the next wave of engineers, pioneering for success.

Why did you want a scholarship with Waters?

Waters Corporation is one of those companies which has a massive scope, but you’ve probably never heard of them. They are one of the world’s leading companies focused on improving human health and well-being through improving and developing new analytical technologies. The company ethos ‘Deliver Benefit’ resonated with why I wanted to study Electronics. Waters has a global team of over 7,000 employees, and I wanted to have the experience of working and learning from experienced engineers in the firm.

What type of work have you been involved with during your placement?

During my placement at Waters, embedded within the electronics team, I have been able to take a more hands-on approach and use my theoretical knowledge to find the source of electrical noise with Waters mass spectrometers, this noise impacts the sensitivity, reducing the instruments ability to detect substances that occur in very small amounts. After finding the noise source I have also been able to find and suggest solutions to reduce the noise.

The results of my work will be used to improve Waters mass spectrometers in the future, hopefully giving them a step change in sensitivity. During my time at Waters, I learnt so much on filters, and electrical noise, and developed my interpersonal and professional skills.

What are your hobbies and interests?

Outside of Electronics, I have a passion for music, travelling and swimming. I’ve been playing the violin for over ten years now and find playing a type of stress relief. I am also part of the music society at the University of Manchester and play in the symphony orchestra there.