Data confirms the website relaunch to be a resounding success.

The UKESF Website – One Year On

19th February 2017 marked one year since the relaunch of the UKESF website. A comparison of site analytics from January 2016 and January 2017 demonstrates that active sessions, unique users and individual page views have all quadrupled in number, confirming the relaunch to be a resounding success.

The average number of sessions per month is 2,035, with the average numbers of users 1,283 per month and page views 6,990 per month. The numbers sky-rocket in October when undergraduates are completing their applications to join the UKESF Scholarship Scheme (for example, 29,659 page views over the course of the month), but otherwise remain steady throughout the year.

The success of the new website has been encouraged by an attractive but user-friendly design, clear sections for the different UKESF audiences (Universities, Employers and Schools), and a variety of new initiatives bringing fresh and interesting content.

Increased social media posts and interaction, along with a regular quarterly newsletter, have all contributed to keeping people up to date with the UKESF and driving traffic to the site.