"Meeting these like-minded people, as well as receiving this award, has only further fueled my interest and passion for electronics and engineering."

Herman, UKESF Scholar

UKESF Scholars win EW BrightSparks Award

At the UKESF we are very proud of the quality and high calibre of the students that join our undergraduate Scholarship Scheme, which is one of the reasons the value of the scheme is increasingly recognised by companies right across the Electronics sector. It is great when our UKESF Scholars receive public recognition and we are therefore delighted to say ‘congratulations’ to Mary and Herman, who are among this year’s winners of the prestigious EW BrightSparks Award.

The EW BrightSparks programme is run by Electronics Weekly in partnership with RS Components, and aims to highlight the brightest young electronic engineers in the UK. This year, thirty individuals under the age of thirty were celebrated at an event at The IET in London.

Mary studies at the University of Surrey and is sponsored by Embecosm. She was awarded for her project at Embecosm to re-imagine EDSAC (an early British computer) and for presenting her work at Chip Hack, as well as speaking at ORConf and FOSDEM. Mary recently wrote a guest blog post for us about her experiences with her sponsor company and attending and speaking at the conferences – read it here.

Mary said, “I am honored and privileged to have won the EW BrightSparks award for my work re-imagining EDSAC. The project involved creating a fun way of teaching hardware programming to children and adults while also strengthening their understanding of how the technology of the past influenced present technology, like how a calculator went from the size of a room, to being portable and hand-held. It’s great that my work is recognized and I hope the award inspires the next generation to create something amazing using electronics and computing.”

Herman studies at the University of York and is sponsored by EDA Solutions. He impressed EDA with his investigative nature and ability to apply his programming knowledge to support real customers with complex tools.

Herman said, “I am honoured to be part of the EW BrightSparks Class of 2018. I was not aware of the award prior to receiving an email explaining that I was one of the thirty finalists – it was a huge surprise to be nominated in the first place, and even more so being a finalist. Nominated by a colleague, I am thrilled that my work has had a positive impact worthy of this award, and can in return only thank EDA Solutions for providing the atmosphere which made this possible in the first place. During the award ceremony I met so many interesting and inspirational people, both among the finalists and the jury. Meeting these like-minded people, as well as receiving this award, has only further fueled my interest and passion for electronics and engineering.”

Learn more about the programme and the 2018 BrightSparks here.

If you would like your company to join our Scholarship Scheme and connect with exceptional undergraduates like Mary and Herman, details can be found here or by contacting [email protected].