"We need to engage, educate and encourage children in order to inspire the next generation and show them that Electronics is about creating the future."

Stew Edmondson

UKESF at the NMI Awards and Gala Dinner

The annual NMI Awards and Gala Dinner took place in London on 17th November 2016; this year was a special occasion celebrating the NMI’s 20th anniversary. The UKESF was there as usual to announce the Scholar of the Year Award, and this year we also held a Prize Draw to raise funds to support our vital work in the Electronics sector.

The draw raised an incredible £6,000 for the UKESF, so huge thanks go to all the attendees who participated and congratulations to the prize 14winners! The funds raised will be channelled into hands-on STEM activities for children, summer schools for A-level students, professional development for UKESF scholars, and much more.

Scholar of the Year 2016 was awarded for the first time to a female undergraduate, Joanna Taylor, who studies at the University of Bristol and is sponsored by Imagination Technologies. The award celebrates scholars who have made a significant contribution during their work placement and who have actively promoted Electronics to young people. Joanna received a trophy and a cheque for £500; runner-up Mara Terente, who studies at the University of Manchester and is sponsored by Qualcomm, also received a cheque for £250. Both scholars were guests of the UKESF at the event.

L-R: Derek Boyd, Neil Dickins, Joanna Taylor, Mara Terente, Stew Edmondson

Following introductions from NMI CEO Derek Boyd and UKESF Steering Board Chair Indro Mukerjee, Joanna joined UKESF CEO Stew Edmondson in making a speech highlighting the importance of the UKESF’s work in raising awareness of Electronics and supporting undergraduates. Stew said:

“My mantra at the UKESF is to ‘moving beyond talk to take action’ … We need to engage, educate and encourage children in order to inspire the next generation and show them that Electronics is about creating the future … Our undergraduate scheme has grown considerably and we expect our 350th scholarship to be awarded this year … If we are going to really tackle our skills shortage we need 11many more undergraduates like Joanna – highly capable and with a passion to learn and to make a difference … We are a charity; our work to educate, engage and encourage schoolchildren about Electronics depends upon donations.”

The winner of the Skills 4 UK Scholar’s Award, Keerthi Mukku, also attended as a guest of the UKESF. Keerthi studies at the University of Surrey and is sponsored by Renesas, and receives a place on Skills 4 UK’s award-winning Career Development Programme, as well as additional coaching. This award takes into account academic performance, placement feedback and STEM-awareness contribution.

Thanks again to everyone who entered the Prize Draw and congratulations to UKESF scholars Joanna, Mara and Keerthi!