“The curriculum is already crowded, but we can’t drop any subjects to make more room for electronics. Instead, we have to use the opportunities we have to improve the existing curriculum.”

Stew Edmondson in New Electronics

UKESF CEO featured in New Electronics article

UKESF CEO Stew Edmondson has been featured in an article in the latest edition of New Electronics magazine, ‘So where are all the women?’ by Bethan Grylls.

… according to Stewart Edmondson … “If it were a case of just encouraging females we would have solved the problem by now.

“There must be another underlying reason for the lack of women in electronics and I think it’s largely down to schools.”

He continued, “We know that too few girls take STEM subjects and within that electronics is particularly poorly represented. We need to demonstrate it’s a job for males and females, and that women can have demanding and satisfying STEM careers.”

He believes “schools are the key” in tackling the unintentional reinforcement of stereotypes. According to the EBM, 29% of male teachers feel STEM careers are more for boys than girls.

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