“Very impressed! Lots of good content over the course of the week, and plenty of different things learnt … Thanks for all the time and effort put in to make this all happen. We really valued it!”

2018 attendee

Scholar Workshop 2018

Regarded as a highlight of the UKESF Scholarship Scheme, the residential Scholar Workshop encourages both personal and professional development, and this year took place from 2nd to 6th September at the University of York.

     “Much better than I expected it would be! Personally, this has been the most valuable networking and skills enhancing week I’ve ever had!” 2018 attendee

As usual, the programme included a range of professional development sessions delivered by a team of renowned facilitators, some returning to the workshop for the seventh time. Representing Think Eleven Ltd, Team Massive Results, Skills 4 UK and MSP Leadership, the facilitators delivered sessions including Communications & Rapport Building, Leading & Managing Diverse Teams, Effective Negotiation, and Lean Thinking.

     “Overall an excellent experience, a true expression of the UKESF standard.” 2018 attendee

Guest speakers visited the workshop to present on a variety of industry-related subjects, such as Managing Your Digital Footprint, Intellectual Property & Patents, and Professional & Business Ethics. Attendees also benefitted from panel discussions with ex-UKESF Scholars, and participated in work-based group projects that were presented to judges on the final morning.

     “The program has been a great opportunity to learn and develop new skills, meet colleagues and generally have a fun time.” 2018 attendee

The programme gave scholars the opportunity to network with industry professionals, and everyone enjoyed a formal dinner – with an excellent magician (who attended last year as a scholar) keeping them entertained – to celebrate their hard work. Feedback was overwhelmingly positive: of the 50 attendees, three-quarters rated their overall experience as ‘excellent’ (the highest possible rating), with the remaining quarter rating it ‘good’ (the second highest).

     “The whole week exceeded my expectations and was a great experience.” 2018 attendee

Thanks to Cyber Security Associates Ltd, IC Resources and Mathys and Squire for their support, and to graduated scholars Fergus (ARM) and Jon (Leonardo) for coming back to share their experiences with the current scholars.

     “Thank you so much to all those involved in the planning and delivery of the week … you should be really proud of all you’ve achieved.” 2018 attendee
     “Would definitely recommend it. Very enjoyable and helpful, much better than I was expecting.” 2018 attendee
     “Thoroughly enjoyable workshop overall, a lot of positives and elements to consider for the immediate future as well as aspects to improve on going forward, especially in promoting electrical engineering.” 2018 attendee
     “These few days have been very useful, I’ve learnt a lot of vital skills and would love to participate in similar opportunities/help out with the event in the future.” 2018 attendee
     “Thank you for such an incredible opportunity.” 2018 attendee