This year the UKESF is promoting Electronics to A-level Computer Science students

Promoting Electronics to A-level Physics and Computer Science Students

Last year the UKESF worked in partnership with the University of Southampton on a collaborative project featuring the Music Mixer circuit board, a hands-on activity that teaches core Electronics concepts for A-level Physics students.

This year we are again supporting Southampton with their new Logic & Arithmetic Kit, which follows the same concept as the Music Mixer but targets A-level Computing students. Through The IET’s Engineering Education Grant Scheme we have secured funding to develop the boards further and undertake a pilot project for 24 schools. This will allow Southampton to run training sessions for Computer Science teachers in July 2018 and provide classroom kits for their schools.

Nearby Barton Peveril College helped Southampton in developing the boards initially, and early in March the team from the university ran some activities with the students…

The Logic & Arithmetic Kit © University of Southampton
The Music Mixer © University of Southampton

Companies can make a real difference and help promote Electronics at schools by getting involved with the Music Mixer project: click HERE to find out how.

Banner image: © University of Southampton