'Music Mixer' is a low-cost but high-impact project.

Music Mixer: Promoting Electronics to A-level Physics Students

This year the UKESF has worked in partnership with the University of Southampton on a collaborative project featuring the ‘Music Mixer’ circuit board, a hands-on activity that teaches core Electronics concepts for A-level Physics students.

As part of a project funded by The IET through the Engineering Education Grant Scheme, the UKESF has provided 36 schools with classroom kits (15 circuit boards) and supporting materials, as well as the delivery of CPD to Physics teachers from these schools.

Following the success of this pilot, it is now planned to scale-up the project and reach even more students in the academic year 2017/18. To do this, we need the support of corporate donors.

Companies can make a real difference and help promote Electronics at schools by getting involved with this project: click HERE to find out how.

Find out more about the kits and read feedback from teachers who have used them here.

Banner image: © University of Southampton