Teams of students from schools in and around Edinburgh attended the event to display and discuss their innovative proposals and models

Final of UKESF Go4SET Scotland takes place

Final of UKESF Go4SET electronic engineering challenge takes place in Scotland

St Margaret's AcademyThe Scottish final of the UKESF Go4SET electronics challenge, the first to take place in the country, was held at Edinburgh Napier University on Wednesday 27th May 2015. Teams of students from schools in and around Edinburgh attended the event to display and discuss their innovative proposals and models, which they designed to provide an electronics solution to an issue faced by their school.

Best Overall Project was awarded to St Margaret’s Academy (above), a mixed-gender team who were mentored by Cadence Design Systems. The team used Raspberry Pi to help create their proposal for temperature-regulating ‘Smart Climate’ clothes, which would generate energy from body movement and small solar panels in order to maintain a comfortable temperature. Team member Sadhil said, “It’s always very hot in school so we wanted to design a t-shirt to keep us cool. I’ve developed my coding skills a lot.” The whole team reported that the challenge increased their interest in taking electronics further academically, as well as enhancing their understanding of the part electronics plays in daily life.

James Young High SchoolThe award for Best Team Work went to James Young High School (left), who designed a facial recognition registration system with the aid of Raspberry Pi. This mixed gender team were mentored by Cadence Design Systems. Team member Anya said, “Some of us had some previous experience with Raspberry Pi at home, but this project has expanded our knowledge greatly.” The design included attaching a camera to the white board at the front of the classroom, which would then photograph and make a record of each student once the class was seated.

Trinity AcademyFinally, Trinity Academy (left), an all-girl team mentored by Leonardo, was awarded Pupil’s Choice for its ‘Identi-Tie’ proposal. The proposal would modify their school ties with the addition a NFC chip stitched into the underside; the chip would then be identified by sensors installed in school doorways in order to register students. Team member Rita said, “A young engineer from Leonardo gave us lots of great advice.” The team were proud to be the only all-girl entry.

The addition of Scotland means there are now three annual UKESF Go4SET challenges running around the UK; the finals for the South West of England and East of England took place in March 2015. Through the project, UKESF aims to address the skills gap in electronic engineering through facilitating employer engagement with schools and providing the students with an inspiring experience.