"We were surprised by the high level of education and the motivation of the students."

Tjalle Wassink & Mark Oomen

Dutch Teachers Visit UKESF-Headstart Summer School

Dutch Teachers Experience Electronics in UK Classrooms on UKESF-Headstart Summer School Visit

In July 2015 four teachers from the Netherlands visited the UKESF-Headstart Summer School held at the University of Surrey, as guests of Dialog Semiconductor, a UKESF sponsor company. The teachers were keen to see how Electronics is taught in the UK and take part in this ground-breaking exchange of knowledge. With Dialog, they attended a day at the Summer School and a meeting of the UKESF Strategic Advisory Board, as well as visiting University Technology College, Swindon, and meeting with EDT during their stay.

Teachers Tjalle Wassink and Mark Oomen from the CAH Vilentum University of Applied Sciences in Dronten, the Netherlands, kindly shared their thoughts on the visit…

What were your impressions of the Summer School?

We really enjoyed our visit at the summer school, especially the meeting with Stewart Edmondson and the visit to the electronics lab. We were surprised by the high level of education and the motivation of the students. It also was nice to speak with some PhDs about their interesting research projects.

At the end of our visit we joined a lecture about Digital Signal Processing with Khaled Hayatleh. It was nice to see how he was able to combine maths with physics in a understandable way. We liked it.

What do you think are the differences or similarities between the Netherlands and the UK in terms of engaging school students with electronics?

A major difference between UKESF and our school is that there are so many different companies involved with your study program. This makes the summer school study program versatile and interesting for the students. We can imagine many students will choose electronics after visiting your summer school.

In addition, working this way the study program fits well to the demands of the employers. Now we are aware that we have less collaboration with the serious companies that advise us on our study program. We have seen that this is a major point of improvement for us.

Finally, thank you for the invitation to visit UKESF. We had a great time.