The UKESF’s 10th Anniversary: Creation of the Foundation – Lynn Tomkins Interview

Lynn Tomkins, Chair & Director


As a Director at SEMTA you helped to establish the UKESF – what are your memories of this?

“Putting the business case to the Chair and CEO of SEMTA that the UKESF was worthy of their financial investment was both a challenge and, when secured, a significant step, and was pivotal in unlocking funding from the DTI and companies following.”

Looking back over the last 10 years, how do you assess the performance of the UKESF?  What are your personal highlights?

“The business model has evolved in terms of expanding key activities and initiatives, in addition to the Scholarship. I see two major steps in improving business performance – the appointment of Stew as our CEO, and the development of Electronics Everywhere.”

Lynn (front centre) at the 2019 Scholar Workshop

Improving diversity and inclusion in Engineering is an important motivation for you; what contribution is the UKESF making in this regard?

“As a passionate advocate of equality and diversity, the UKESF has taken action to be inclusive and supported a number of key initiatives, such as People Like Me and Girls into Electronics. The team also work hard to drive up the number of our female Scholars.”

You continue to be a Director of the UKESF; looking ahead what do you see are the key challenges for the Foundation?

“I see the challenges going forward as the major expansion of the Scholarship Scheme – to position the UKESF as the place where the Electronics sector/companies come to recruit their graduates and populate their new talent pipeline.”

Lynn speaking at the 2017 Scholar Workshop