"Collaboration is at the heart of our approach."

Stew Edmondson

In Case You Missed It

Raising awareness about Electronics is a fundamental part of our mission at the UKESF. We know that Electronics is the future and it is a sector driven by innovation and rapid technology advances, however too few people appreciate that the UK Electronics industry is a world leader. There is a lack of awareness among parents, teachers and schoolchildren about the opportunities in the Electronics sector; consequently, this makes it harder to address the skills shortage and to continue to build organisations that harness innovation and creativity.

Therefore, we are always very happy when the UKESF features in the media, as this provides an opportunity to promote our work and to raise awareness about Electronics. This summer, the UKESF was featured extensively in the authoritative New Electronics magazine. We also had an article published by the popular online publication Zenoot.

These articles and features help us showcase our work and, importantly, reach out to wider audiences. This is particularly important as collaboration is at the heart of our approach. If you’d like to get in touch with us, to share ideas or contribute to our work, then please email [email protected].

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