Name: Nuno

Job Title: Engineer

Why I chose my degree programme

From an early age I always had a keen interest in understanding how things around me worked. I remember being mesmerised by people’s voices and images coming out of these boxes covered in dials and buttons; I could not make sense of it then but my father once told me it was all down to electronics. By the mid-90s, with the internet revolution, I learned the true potential of computers, a new world to be explored at a distance of a click. I knew I had to be part of it and so, at the age of fourteen, I started studying to become an electronics and computers technician. The following three years just reinforced my passion, I started repairing all sorts of electronic equipment and found the joys of computer programming and robotics. Mathematics and physics were always some of my favourite subjects at school so a degree in Electronic Engineering at university was the obvious choice. I was fortunate enough to have a work placement on my final year developing a wireless control platform for industrial sensors, this gave me an invaluable insight into the working world and its fast paced environment not to mention my first ever salary!

My experience at onsemi

During my professional career I have designed components that can be found in TVs, smartphones, cameras, cars, network equipment and even satellites in space. I feel that my work has shaped the way millions of people interact with technology and that gives me great satisfaction and further strengthens my determination to succeed. At onsemi I found the professional gratification of working for a company that devotes significant resources to research while at the same time bringing truly innovative products to the market. I’m currently involved with the architectural definition, design and verification of High Speed interfaces for automotive sensors used in next generation ADAS systems that are paving the way for truly autonomous vehicles. The core of my work is mixed-signal circuit design but I’m faced with daily challenges whose solutions require a great deal of creativity but also mastering multiple disciplines such as computer programming, statistical analysis and behavioral modelling to name a few.

What I enjoy outside work

On my spare time you might find me reading a book by a lake, recovering from exhaustion after a 5K run or photographing picturesque landscapes but it is when I’m at work that I’m changing the world…

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