"I really enjoyed my time. The project I was assigned to was a perfect level of difficulty and I felt very valued as an equal, despite still being a student."

Intern feedback, 2019

Internship Programme

In the current climate, making connections with the next generation of Electronics graduates is a real challenge for employers. The UKESF has been helping companies since 2010, via our prestigious Scholarship Scheme, to connect with the most capable students from the UK’s leading universities. In 2018 we launched an additional programme, especially for employers who would like to connect with students but are unable to offer a full multi-year scholarship. Through the Internship Programme employers are able to connect with first-year undergraduates and foundation-year students at our partner universities in a low-cost, low-risk, way.

Key Points

  • The Internship Programme consists of a one-off work placement undertaken by the student during the summer following their first year (and second year in Scotland) or foundation year.
  • There is no long-term commitment beyond the summer work placement, making this is a low-risk way of connecting with dedicated students at the start of their studies.
  • All students will be studying Electronics at one of the UKESF’s partner universities; the UKESF will market and promote opportunities on behalf of employers at these universities.
  • The UKESF will manage the whole application process, so companies who participate in the Internship Programme will be able to recruit, hassle-free, from a pool of top quality students.

How much does it cost?

  • A minimum of £330 per week to the intern for the duration of the placement (at least 6 weeks).
  • Reimbursement of interview expenses for internship candidates.
  • A one-off fee to the UKESF of £295 to advertise the vacancy, process applications and cover the management fee for the first internship per year.
  • An additional management fee to the UKESF of £295 for each subsequent student offered an internship.

How does my company join the Programme?

To learn more about the Internship Programme please download the Fact Sheet.

Email stewart.edmondson@ukesf.org to get your company involved.