"The products we design today are for cars appearing in show rooms in 4 years' time, so the focus is on tomorrow’s problems."

Infineon Technologies UK Ltd

Infineon Technologies UK Ltd

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2019/20 Scholarships

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Who we are and what we do

Infineon Technologies UK are a part of Infineon AG, a top ten semiconductor supplier operating in worldwide markets. The parent company has market leading products in the fields of Industrial, Automotive, Security and ChipCard. Infineon Technologies UK are part of the Automotive division and specialise in the development of the Processor and Systems IP at the heart of the TriCore product range which has established itself as a market leader in the field of Engine Management. We also develop the technology required for Autonomous Driving applications.

The performance driver in our field come from the car manufacturers seeking to reduce pollution, increase efficiency (MPG), raise safety standards (Autonomous Driving) and respond to the challenge of electric drive.

What you could be doing during your summer work placement

We are offering a range of placements in the following areas:

Systems IP Development

We develop not just standard systems IP that one would normally see in an embedded control , but also esoteric accelerators for math functions, safety monitors and advanced processor lock-step. These are combined with safety critical systems to exacting external requirements. The challenge is to balance the drive for performance against the safety requirements. It’s not just good enough to have a good idea that you can demonstrate will work, it has to work under all conditions and crucially know when it has failed so other systems can take over.

Embedded Processor Development

In Bristol we develop Infineon’s own processor core (TriCore), which is multi-core capable. Our present design is used in multi-core systems destined for cars capable of higher MPG and lower CO2/NOX emissions for the next generation of cars. Our own area of expertise is in combining the general purpose compute with Digital Signal Processing without compromising real time control capabilities. Just to make the challenge a little harder we also have to comply with the same exacting safety standards.

The challenge going forward will be in deriving safer systems that are also highly available, you want to make the journey safely and guarantee you reach your destination. The type of requirements that are in the aerospace industry are transferring to the automotive arena but at a much lower price point. The intellectual challenge is to achieve this standard at a fraction of the cost, which leads to the need to look at the problem from in a different light.

Automated Driving

We develop the deep DSP technology required to enable automated driving, allowing the car to become semi intelligent and to make critical decisions, avoiding scenarios like rear end crashes and controlling braking distance. We are at the heart of this exciting new development in the automotive sector.

Meet one of our UKESF Scholars

University of Surrey
Degree Course:
MEng Electronic Engineering with Computer Systems

What appeals to you about Electronics?

I always found Mathematics and Physics interesting but too theory based for me to consider either as a career option. Electronics hit a perfect balance between theoretical and practical, which was perfect for my type of brain. When I did Electronics A-level in school it really consolidated my interest and enjoyment in all things electronic and that is when I realised that Electronic Engineering would be the perfect degree for me. I love that electronics doesn’t confine your interests into a small box as it is a very varied subject with a multitude of applications.

Why did you want a scholarship with Infineon?

One look at Infineon’s website showed me that they are looking into and investing in the future of electronics, which was really exciting and very different from a lot of the old school engineering companies I was seeing offering placements. My interview confirmed this as they were very interested in creativity and emotional intelligence, which was a pleasant surprise and was a very modern approach to recruitment. Infineon is an international company, which means there are travel opportunities and a very diverse working environment, which makes working there really interesting and enjoyable.

What type of work have you been involved with during your placement?

I have really enjoyed the work I have been doing so far as it has been very R&D focused, which allows me to use my creativity. Most of my work has been independent learning, which has given me really good skills to take back to university and implement in my upcoming independent projects.

What do you like to do outside of work?

A big interest of mine is robotics and gaming. In my spare time I’m learning about Unity and game development, which builds on some of my modules from university. Outside of academics I love hiking and the outdoors; my favourite hiking spots so far have been the Lake District, the Grand Canyon and Trolltunga in Norway.