"Cadence plays an essential role in the creation of virtually every integrated circuit and electronics system being designed today."

Cadence Design Systems Ltd

Cadence Design Systems Ltd

Our Scholarships

Placement location Type of Placements Offered Restrictions/Notes
Bracknell or Cambridge

Any placements

* (1) Requires 12-month placement for 2022/23; (2) No first year students

2021/22 Scholarships

Two new scholarships

Who we are and what we do

Through its industry leading electronic design tools and services, Cadence plays an essential role in the creation of virtually every integrated circuit and electronics system being designed today. Customers our software, hardware, IP, and services to design and verify advanced semiconductors, consumer electronics, networking and telecommunications equipment, and computer systems. The company is headquartered in San Jose, California, with support offices, design centres, and research facilities around the world to serve the global electronics industry. Our European HQ is in Bracknell UK.Cadance-award_web

What you could be doing during your work placement

As an intern, you will get direct experience in using Cadence’s leading edge IC design tools on real-life design problems. Your focus will be on solving technical design and verification problems in a broad range of technical areas – analogue, digital, verification, IC and PCB. You will often be in direct communication with our customers. You can greatly expand your knowledge on the technical aspect of design automation, use Cadence’s cutting edge tools and attend excellent technical training courses. You will be assigned to a dedicated project for ~30% of your time an intern; our intern Kary developed a mixed signal VerilogAMS model and testbench to simulate a 12bit Pipeline ADC with digital error correction.

Through interaction with customers, with colleagues, through seminars and projects, you will gain insight in the latest ideas and challenges of the semiconductor industry. This is a great opportunity to become a real Cadence tool expert and to get familiar with the technologies and methodologies behind them. In this internship there are few limits; it’s up to you to decide how much you want to deepen your knowledge and push for personal excellence.

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Meet one of our UKESF Scholars

University of Surrey
Degree Course:
MEng Digital Media Engineering

What appeals to me about Electronics

There has been constant innovation in electronic gadgets in the electronics industry over the past 20 years and, as consumers, we expect product size and weight to be reduced continuously while maintaining superior performance. The short release time required by the market for this introduces many design challenges for engineers to consider, which is something I enjoy.

Why I accepted a scholarship with Cadence Design System

I think a good electronics designer should have a decent background in theory from university as well as knowledge of the popular software used and recognized by industry. As Cadence is a worldwide leading provider of Electronic Design Automation (EDA) software, the one-year placement is an invaluable opportunity to have hands-on experience on the EDA tools, which are widely accepted by the semiconductor industry. It also provides the chance to be part of a multicultural working environment, and my communication skills are developing as I work with colleagues in other regions as a team.

My experience at Cadence Design System, Inc.

My primary role is front-end customer support in the EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) region, which ensures issues raised by customers are passed to the appropriate team to handle in an effective and efficient way. I am also involved in technical support of the Virtuoso front-to-back-end tools, an analog Custom IC EDA tool developed by Cadence. I have been receiving training on the software functionality and capability, knowledge which is transferable to debugging customers’ issues, such as debugging mismatch behaviour between different simulation runs or requesting enhancements to improve tool interfaces from older software releases.

In the company, I have been treated as a proper Application Engineer rather than an intern. As I had limited experience in using the tools before joining the company, the learning curve was steep and challenging when I first started. Thanks to supportive and encouraging colleagues in my team, I am being guided in the right direction; ultimately I will be able to produce a test case and step-by-step process to debug the underlying cause of the issues myself.

In addition to daily customer and technical support, I have the opportunity to assist on a demo related to the effect of different placement of layout cells on circuit performance, as well as being involved with an Analog Mixed Signal project that will write up real valued behaviour models for a pipeline ADC system using Verilog AMS language and testing its performance.

Through my placement, I am gaining new technical skills such as how to describe module behaviour using Verilog hardware description language and writing my own algorithms to extend Cadence Virtuoso Software functionality using SKILL programming language. My multitasking, time management and problem-solving skills have been enhanced significantly throughout this year in industry as well.

My interests

I enjoy travelling to other European countries like Germany, Spain and Croatia to explore the beautiful natural scenery, and I love cooking and trying out delicious dishes together with my friends during leisure time.

Meet one of our Engineers

Copyright @ Cadence
Job Title:
Lead Application Engineer

Deciding on a career path

It was at the age of fifteen years that I needed to decide my career path and work towards it. As a student, I was academically strong and the concepts of new things in subjects like Physics and Chemistry always intrigued me. Therefore, based on my interests and abilities, I wanted to choose a profession which was intellectually and technically challenging. So, when it was time, I chose to study Electronics and Communication Engineering with the belief that unlike some others, this field allowed enough potential to see your innovations getting realised into physical products that make the world a more comfortable, sophisticated and technologically advanced place to live.

My first job

I started my career with Freescale Semiconductors, India who are a big player as chip makers in Network and Automobile industry. It was very fascinating to see how they designed chips to incorporate various requests – some to add cool features while some to ensure better safety of passengers – from customers like BMW and Mercedes. I was a part of Flows and Methodology group, which worked across all business units, thereby allowing us to be a part of innovations in diverse areas. With the immense exposure to different EDA tools and flows I gathered in this role, moving to a strong EDA company like Cadence was an imperative decision.

Working for Cadence

In my time with Cadence UK, it has been the sheer novelty and diverse nature of work that has kept me motivated. Closely working with numerous customers across continents, whether to educate or train them, or assist them in solving their problems, is fun and dynamic in many ways. The best part for me personally has been the opportunities and means to keep learning and applying new concepts to work – I see it as a win-win for both Cadence and its employees. Our goal is always to innovate in our products and solutions, and enable our customers to innovate in their work, with their cutting edge developments in technologies such as smart phones or self driving cars, or companies making medical equipment to heal and cure mankind better.

Outside of work

I am fond of cooking (Indian curries) and dancing.